New Community Park for Plympton

The Diocese of Plymouth has submitted a planning application for a new park for public use and some small scale residential development comprising of 6 carefully designed houses on land to the south of the Ridgeway, Plympton.
The Proposal is to open up the field for public use and create a local community park. The new park will provide some informal recreational space together with a small residential development of 6 homes along George Lane.
Mgr. Robert Draper, Vicar General for the Diocese of Plymouth commented that:
“I am pleased to see that the proposed park will allow Plympton residents the opportunity to enjoy this open space for recreational use. We hope that the Proposal will be positively welcomed by Plympton residents and local businesses. Indeed this should also help the Council’s Neighbourhood Plan by providing “green space” within Plympton St. Maurice.”
James Wilson, Property Manager for Plymouth Diocese said that:
“The Proposal has been thoughtfully designed By LHC architects and has been influenced by the views of local residents as part of the public consultation undertaken in relation to the Project.
“In particular the design proposes to take away the old wall along the Ridgeway boundary that restricts access and views towards Plympton St. Maurice. Instead; pedestrians and cars coming down the Ridgeway will have will have good views across the park to Plympton House and will be able to see glimpses of Plympton Castle too.
Whilst the main entrance is from the Ridgeway; there is also footpath access onto George Lane that allows walkers to access to Pathfields and Plympton Castle park and grounds.”
Keiran Bartlett of LHC architects who designed the Park and homes said that:
‘LHC’s in-house team of architects, landscape designers and heritage experts have worked on this application in conjunction with Heynes Planning Ltd.
We have designed the park to be complimentary to the surroundings of Plympton House within the wider historical setting of Plympton St Maurice.
The planning application includes a landscaped publicly accessible open space drawing on the local history as a formal parkland. It will provide new opportunities to view Plympton House and Plympton Castle as well as creating new habitats for wildlife.
The application also includes a modest residential development along George lane comprising 6 high quality 4 bed homes on large plots set within existing and proposed landscape features which will soften the development.
The architectural treatment of the houses uses materials found within the surrounding Conservation Area including soft coloured bricks, render and slate. The intention is to create designs which are responsive to context of the Ridgeway in terms of material, form and provide attractive contemporary light spaces for the new home owners.”