Landevennec Pilgrimage

For nearly thirty years Church leaders and other pilgrims have travelled from the south-west to the Benedictine Abbey of St Gwenole in Brittany.  There is a close affinity between Bretons and Celts and this is both celebrated and renewed by these regular pilgrimages, as well as visits by Fr Abbot and some of the monks to Cornwall. St Gwenole (otherwise known as Winwaloe) was born of British parents who fled to Brittany to avoid the Saxon invaders.  In 485 with some companions he founded a monastery just below the site of the present Abbey, on the banks of the River Aulne.    Over the week of 7th May Bishop Mark together with Bishop Tim Thornton of Truro, and Rev Steve Wild, Chairman of the Methodist Church in Cornwall, travelled with a group of pilgrims, from many denominations, to share in the worship and silence of the Abbey.  It was a wonderful opportunity to enter into the beauty and simplicity of the liturgy of the monastery and to enjoy fellowship and laughter with our brothers and sisters in Christ.