Bishop Mark welcomes Families “On mission”

On Wednesday, 15th March Bishop Mark met with four families from the Neo-catechumenal Way, who had arrived in Plymouth last autumn. Two of the families came from Spain and two from Italy and their children have taken up places in various schools - Notre Dame, St Boniface College and a couple of the primary schools in Plymouth. The families shared with Bishop Mark about the experience of feeling called by the Lord to offer themselves to go on mission, and how they were building a lively Christian community among themselves, supporting one another as they settled into living in the city, and being supported by Fr Jon Bielawski and Fr Jacek Kostuch, and by Fr Giuseppe, a priest from the Neo-catechumenal Way, who came at the same time as they had. Bishop Mark encouraged their generosity before God in being open to his action in their lives, and was pleased to be able to give them his blessing, especially to young Chiara, the youngest baby who was born in Plymouth, and is in many ways, the ‘first fruit’ of this mission. The families were happy to leave the gift of an Icon of the Holy Family with Bishop Mark, which he said he would keep in his Oratory, and to pray regularly before it for all families in the Diocese, that they may indeed be places where the message and life of Jesus is communicated.