Jubilee for Prisoners

One of the corporal works of mercy is visiting "the sick and imprisoned" and as this Year of Mercy draws to a close, Dioceses throughout the country have joined the Holy Father in celebrating a Jubilee for Prisoners.  In our Diocese, some of our prison chaplains came to the Cathedral on Sunday, 6th November, for a special Jubilee Mass celebrated by Bishop Mark.  Icons of Mercy were presented to the chaplains to be taken to the prisons where they minister.  In the photograph, we see some of the chaplains with Bishop Mark outside the Cathedral after the Mass.  Special celebrations and commemorative cards are being distributed within the prisons.  Pope Francis has made a point of visiting prisons and other detention centres in this Year of Mercy as a sign that the mercy of God is available to all.  Prison is a place where many men and women are confronted by truth, and with the help of chaplains and others, can begin to open their hearts up to God's mercy.

prison chaplains