Ben Hur Movie: Short Features from Damaris Media

The Ben-Hur movie is showing in cinemas now, and Damaris Media have brought a range of short featurettes for the church community.

There are 4 featurettes, each a few minutes long. The first covers the story's main themes of faith, hope and redemption with clips taken from the film as well as cast and crew interviews:

The second is tailored to Christian Youth, focussing on themes of identity and making a difference in the world:

The third is a collection of reactions from across the church community after a group of leaders were given an exclusive preview:

The fourth is a tailor-made trailer for the film created for the church:

These could easily form part of a Sunday service or community event, and are all readily available to view in your own time on the Ben-Hur Resources Webpage from Damaris Media.

Poster for film Ben Hur