Renewable Energy for 16 Dioceses across England and Wales: CMP and IFM Press Release

The press release for the collboration between Churchmarketplace and Interdiocesan Fuel Management Limited to provide renewable energy at an affordable price across 16 Dioceses in England and Wales reads as follows:

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Churchmarketplace and Interdiocesan Fuel Management Limited Press Release (18/07/2016)

Pioneering alliance to providgreen fuel could slash the costs of running Catholiparishes

The costs of lighting anheating parisheare being reducethanks to a new deal between two Catholiorganisations to provide renewable electricity to churches across the country.

Interdiocesan Fuel ManagemenLtd (IFM) this month entered into an alliancwith Churchmarketplace (CMP) to bring renewable energto 1of th23 Catholic Dioceseof EnglananWales.

Their collaboration means thamore tha3,20parisheare buying electricity frogreen” suppliers of renewable sources.

Thneagreemenbrings togethethe Dioceses served bIFM, a fuel procurement companwhich was setup by a number oCatholic Dioceses in 1994antheighDioceses thahavbeen procurinenergfrom Churchmarketplace, a collaborative buying group serving the Catholic Church in EnglananWales.

Thnealliance was formed some six months after thexemptiofrom Climate Change levy wawithdrawfrom renewable electricity bills, a developmenwhich meaning that all Diocesewere facing aincrease in their electricity costs. There was also a premium cost attachetpurchasing renewable electricity which meant that the Dioceses previously outside of IFM could face significant costs in moving to renewable energy.

But by combining the buying power of all 16 Dioceses together, significant savings werachieved that offset the impact of Climate Change levawelas making renewable energy available to all at a manageable price.

The premium for purchasing renewable energy through IFM is about £5 per meter per year compared to about £49 per meter per year outside of the contract, a totasaving of more than £180,000 for all Dioceses.

Th16 Dioceses served bthe agreement are Arundel and Brighton, Birmingham, Cardiff, CliftonEast Anglia, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Menevia, Middlesbrough, Northampton, NottinghamPlymouth, Salford, Shrewsbury anWestminster.

Both partners in thalliance hopthat the remaininfive Diocesewill soon join the buying group so thetomight enjothe sambenefits gainefroobtainintheir energon a 10pecent renewable tariff.

In addition tthwork being carried ouamonthparishes, CMP and IFM are now explorinhotheir nepartnership can replicate thsuccessful collaboratiothparisheare enjoying for Catholic schools, academies anuniversities.

By poolintogether the hugvolumeoenergy, CMP/IFM’s intentions are to make renewable energaaffordable optiofoall Catholic organisations in Englanand Wales.

Jenny Williamson, director of Churchmarketplacesaid:Ware delightethave partnered with IFM, another Catholiorganisatioto deliver an affordable renewable energy solutiofoparishes. We look forward tdointhsame for Catholic schools with IFM, stronger together.”

Carol Lawrencedirector of Interdiocesan Fuel Management Ltdsaid: This agreement is greanewfor Catholic parishes throughout England anWales. Both IFM and CMhave beefor a long time deeply committed thelping parishes thave access taffordable renewable energy. Ounepartnership helps tadvance thaobjective in harmony with thteaching of Pope Francis on thcare for thenvironment.

It is a real breakthrougand it puts us in a stronposition texpanthese highly valuable services tother Catholic institutions.”

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