Plymouth Half Marathon and Catholic Children's Society

On Sunday 17 April, eight runners took part in the Plymouth Half Marathon on behalf of the Catholic Children’s Society. It’s always so inspiring to see the effort people will go to support us! Here is David Well’s account of his experience.

Eric Liddell famously said that he felt God’s pleasure when he ran. I’m not sure God gives me that reward. What I did sense was that when I run a long way (and 13 miles is long), the body seems to open the soul. The mind concentrates on breathing and something which normally gets in the way is denied headspace. A different prayer takes over. Not particularly eloquent or rehearsed. Just… “Thank you.” I kept saying it in time with my breathing. And I meant it. Later it became “Help me” and I meant that too. These are not simple words. When breath itself is sought after, so is the prayer. It wasn’t the race I was praying about. It was everything and it came from the core of me.
I enjoyed the Plymouth half-marathon. Not least because my final prayer returned to gratitude. Beyond the finishing line I pulled up. In front of me was a man who had run the race to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society. His T-shirt read “I ran this for my dad, who doesn’t know who I am.” Stupid me with a tear in my eye, thanking God for a generosity that comes from adversity.

‘Help me’ David on the steep ascent to The Hoe and the finish of the Plymouth Half Marathon