Bishop Mark makes a Pastoral visit to The Chemin Neuf Community at Sclerder Abbey

The Chemin Neuf Community is a Roman Catholic Community with an ecumenical vocation which grew out of a prayer group in Lyon France in 1973

Couples, families, and consecrated celibates, men and women, priests and lay people, have chosen the adventure of community life to follow Christ, poor and humble, in order to serve the church and the world.

Following the Carmelites at Sclerder, the members of the Chemin Neuf live a life of prayer and community. In each house we share the church with the local Roman Catholic parish and as a community we take an active part in the ecumenical life of the neighbourhood.

Sclerder Abbey welcomes retreats following the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatious and also Inner Healing retreats, both offer time and space to pray and meditate on the Bible in order to draw closer to God There are church groups, individuals and the Cana mission for couples and families, the Cana mission allows couples to set aside time for each other and their marriage, a break from normal routine to be more aware of god in their relationship whilst the children have their own programme.

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