Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes

This year’s Pilgrimage saw the start of a new era. We have a new travel agent and we are now using the newly refurbished and upgraded hotel, “Chappelle et Parc”, (previously owned by the Soubirous family) minutes away from the grotto and the domain.

Lourdes of course doesn’t change in terms of spirituality, one of the many places of Pilgrimage to take time out and enjoy the presence of the Lord and His Blessed Mother. As usual we had a very prayerful and reflective week, beginning each day with Holy Mass. This year we were blessed with two Masses at the Grotto, where we joined in prayer and praise with Birmingham, Middlesborough, Wrexham, Ardagh and Clonmacnoise Diocese and the Society of our Lady of Lourdes. We also celebrated Mass, with the annointing of the sick, with the Society of Our Lady of Lourdes, at the Cathedral of the Trees, where the sun shone brightly for us. This year 120 pilgrims made the journey including 20 Youth who are invaluable in making the pilgrimage a success.

One of the many comments came from a Lourdes veteran, “The best pilgrimage ever, I appreciate so much the personal prayer and reflection space and free time.”

Next year's Pilgrimage dates 28th May-3rd June. Why not think about joining us? For further information please contact the Pilgrimage
Director Fr Kieran Kirby on 01803 294142.

(For a more detailed report on this year's Pilgrimage please see the 2016 year book)

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