Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’

“Pope Francis puts before us a beautiful vision of our earth as lovingly created by God, entrusted to us human beings to care for and to look after. Everyone can see today that we cannot simply do whatever we want with this earth that has been entrusted to us. We have to respect the inner laws of creation, of this earth, if we want to survive. There is an intimate connection here between an 'environmental ecology' and 'human ecology'; we are to have a care for everybody on the planet, and to try and ensure that all are able to benefit from the goods of the earth.

Here in the South-West we know the delicate balance between nature and human advancement. Here especially we are learning that we are to respect the earth's natural limits and so preserve the many beauties of this part of the country for our children and future generations."

Right Reverend Mark O'Toole, Bishop of Plymouth




You will find the complete Encyclical on the Vatican website