Jubilarians Mass

A large congregation gathered in the Cathedral on a beautiful June day to celebrate the Silver Jubilees of our Bishop and two of our Diocesan Priests, Fr Jon Bielawski & Fr Jaromir Wilczak. It was a joy to have Cardinal Cormac, to whom Bishop Mark had at one time been Private Secretary, to preside and say a few carefully chosen words at the end of Mass. At the altar our Jubilarians were joined by the Archbishops of Liverpool and Cardiff, Bishop John Sherrington, Abbot David from Buckfast Abbey and many priests from Westminster and, of course, nearly all our own Diocesan clergy. It was a lovely day to be joined by family and friends of Bishop Mark, Fr Jon and Fr Jaromir. The celebration began with the children from the Cathedral School giving a beautiful gift of song for our Jubilarians followed by Readings and Mass.

After Mass, everyone continued the celebration in the Cathedral garden and the Jubilarians were presented with gifts from the clergy of the Diocese.

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